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Bob Polantz

Bob was born in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. His grandparents immigranted through Ellis island in the early 1900's. Bob meet is future wife May lee Pickard while he was stationed at Jacksonville Air Force base working on radars. They were married in 1957 and in 1960 Bob's started working at a local ford dealer. The couple opened Bob's garage in 1968. Bob Passed away on August 4th 2015 after a long battle with lung cancer. His laughter and bright smile will be missed.


Robert Polantz


May Lee Polantz

May Lee was born and raised in Cabot. The family homesteaded here in 1857 and Bob's Garage is located on that original homestead property. She was the first woman Alderman elected in the city of Cabot. She was instrumental in forming the Cabot planning commission. May Lee also owns May Lee's Income Tax Service


Daniel Polantz

Daniel is the second child of May Lee and Bob Polantz. Daniel is known as Danny to his friends and family. Danny attended local Cabot schools and graduated in 1982. He is gifted with the ability to disassemble and reassemble flawlessly. Danny is ASE certified. He has been working at the family business since he was very young.


David Polantz

David is the oldest child of May Lee and Bob. He attended local Cabot schools and graduated in 1978. David is married and has 4 stepchildren. David was a founding member of the Cabot Rotary Club and he was influtential in establishing The Strawberry Festival during his 10 years as Cabot Alderman. He is Master ASE certified. As a Cabot Lion he is helping start the ForaChild fundraiser to be held in 2016. ForaChild